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How to clean futon mattress

How to Clean Futon Mattress

This week we got a message from Dianne concerning futon mattresses. Dianne wanted to know how to clean futon mattresses. Dianne said; “I traveled abroad for a couple of months and got back to a …
How to Clean microfiber couch

How to Clean a Microfiber Couch

Microfiber is often marketed as an easy to clean fabric. Microfiber is used to make upholstered couches because of these qualities. And while this type of fabric is resistant to stains, it is not immune¬†from …
how to clean leather furniture

How to Clean Leather Couch

A lot of us love the look of leather furniture in our homes. However, it can be tough to maintain. It requires special maintenance with the right products to clean and preserve the condition of …